The Prayer Room.  I don't know what to say They have supported our family, and our ministry in ways, and in times, I can not begin to unpack here.

"The Prayer Room is a developing 24/7 prayer furnace that belongs to the Church of Dallas-Ft. Worth and not to any one congregation. Our staff raises their own support as missionaries and runs our missions base providing a place of corporate prayer and training to the region. People come from all across the DFW area to attend our worship led prayer meetings and workshops.  Our prayer teams comprise of members from dozens of different churches with visitors coming from all over the various ministries in the regions. Our goal is to exalt Jesus night & day and to see corporate intercession arise for the things on God’s heart. "


Our home church.  Lighthouse Fellowship has been our home church for over 10 years.  They provide accountability, nurturing, spiritual education, and, the place we call home. Pastors Frank Briggs, and Bobby Cullen are incredible men of God.

See? You can work Crossfit into ANY conversation... It's hard to summarize what Crossfit has done for me, so I'll just stick to the facts: I've lost over 140 pounds, dropped my pulse from the high 90s, into the high 60s, dropped my shirts from 5Xs, to 3Xs. Not only do I watch football on Saturdays, but I coached my kids team this last season.  It gave me my life back: I was dead, but I'm alive, with some really great mentors, role models, and friends to boot.  If you would like to talk about how a plus 500 lb dude found Crossfit, and how it worked for me, please feel free to give me a shout. Or, catch a glimpse here: CLICK ME

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